How to add any downloadable file to WordPress website

Hi, today in this article I will show you how you can add a link to your WordPress website where users can press the link and download any file.

Sometimes we need an option to our website where we want our customer or visitor to give them any offer through any code or any paper which they can download from our site and bring physically to our shop or office and get the discount or that particular offer in that situation we need to provide a download option to that image of file on the website.

We will use a plugin named download monitor. This plugin is very beautiful and very useful we use this plugin to generate a shortcode and we will use Use this shortcode to give the user the ability to download any file they want from the website.

Follow these steps :

  1. You have to log in to your WordPress site then go to your dashboard and in the side panel you see the option for plugin and click on it and you see add new option then click on it.

2.Then in the search bar type download monitor and you will see a  lot of plugins but you have to choose the download Murder plugin which is developed by Wp chill and then click install now and it will be installed to your WordPress site.

3. After you successfully install the plugin you will see an option in a side panel named downloads if you hover the mouse on it it will show an options panel. From there click on add new.

5. Now this is most important that you see the dashboard and now here you can add a title below that you will add a description and after that, you see the downloadable link for Section here you will find the attachment file which you are going to give the user to download.

You can upload a file from your computer it could be your JPG file or any kind of PDF file and if you want you can browse the file from your server or your website you can do both.

In my case, I am going to add a single JPG file to show you as a duel so I am adding a single JPG file here for you to give the user to download the file so I am going to publish it


6. After you publish it you will see an option that will appear in your left right and you will see a shortcode. And this is the shortcode was going to use on our page so users can click on it and you will they can download it.

৭. Now I am going to use the shortcode on my webpage so I just create a new page and paste the shortcode And Click publish.

8. Now u can see a picture that there is a link on my webpage call test and if I click on it it will download a file that I’ve added before on the download options.

So this way you can add any file to the download option and use the link as a downloadable button on any page is very easy and very user friendly and you can design this link as a button by Custom CSS code so that’s all for today if you like my article please share it and like it and it’s better to your friends and any other platforms thank you for reading the article will bring more in the future.

watch this full tutorial on youtube

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Oly Ullah

Really Helpful and Informative content! Appreciate you publishing this type of content again and again.

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