How to migrate wordpress website hosting to another hosting

migrate wordpress

Nowadays hosting and website transfer are common things. We can migrate wordpress hosting for many reasons but the most important thing we are worried about that how we transfer our WordPress website to the new host.

What we will discuss in this article?

In this article, we are going to discuss and show the hardcore process of how u can migrate wordpress website from one hosting to another hosting without breaking a single line of code.

There are many ways available to transfer or migrate a WordPress website. Some people use WordPress plugins like Duplicator, All-in-One WP Migration some use a hardcore method which is I m going to explain to you in this article.

We will not take any help from the WordPress plugin I will show u the core method of transferring a WordPress site by download a database and site files.

We are going to divide this hosting transfer process into 2 parts. In the first part, we will show or discuss how you can go to your site host Cpanel file manager and manually export the database from PHP-my-admin and download the site files.

In 2nd part we will discuss how we can make a new database on new hosting and will upload the site files and import the database to our new hosting and connect the site with the old database on the wp-config.php file.

Part 1 – Export Database and Download Site Files in Zip format.

Follow these steps for migrate wordpress  website hosting to another hosting:

01. Before you start to migrate go to your website Cpanel and log in.  You can log in by typing your domain name and add:2083 after the / latter like example or

cpanel pic

02. After you successfully log in to your Cpanel go to your database PHP, my admin.

03. You will have this window like below then u need to click on export.

04. Now export the database and save it to your local drive and give it a name as u want.


05. So our database is ready to transfer now we need to go for the website files. So for website files, we need to open the website folder from the file manager. (If the domain is the main domain then your site file will be in the public_html folder or if you host your site as a subdomain or addon domain u will see a folder with site name in our Cpanel file manager )



06. Now you need to select all the root files from this site folder which u are transferring and click on the compress button from the top panel on your Cpanel and then select the compressed file type option zip which we gonna need and then give it a name for saving the zip file.

And then you have to wait few moments for finishing the process. Most of the case if your site is not more than 1 GB it will take 5 or max 10 minutes then u will see a zip folder in this file manager.

file compressing image
file compressing image

zip file pic

07. Now select the zip folder and right-click on it from the dropdown select download and save it with a name u want into your local drive.

downloading zip file
downloading zip file
downloading zip file
downloading zip file
saving the zip file
saving the zip file

Part 2 – Make a new Database and upload the site files to the new hosting.

Follow these steps for migrate wordpress  website hosting to another hosting:

01.  After you complete the first part successfully then you will have 2 files one is database.sql and another one is your site zip file.


02. Now go to log in to your new host go to Cpanel and click on MySQL database wizard.

03. Now here u need to do 3 important things

• Create a new database.
• Add MySQL user.
• Add user to the database.
Remember please keep the database name and username and password on safe place we gonna need it later.

manage user privilige pic


privileges saved

04. Now go to PHPMyAdmin

05. Here u will see a blank database and now the most important thing is click on import and select the database.sql file and click import.

db file import

07. So our database is successfully imported now we need to upload our zip file on the site folder. Now you need to go file manager and u will see there is a folder for your site it will be public_html( if you set the domain as primary domain) or you will see site folder(if your domain is add-on domain).

08. As the host is new and the folder will be empty so we need to upload the site zip file to this folder like this.

In our case, we are hosted on an add-on domain so u will see in our image we are using a site name folder it is not the same in your case if you chose the domain as a primary domain because if u chose your domain as a primary domain then u will have only public_html folder where u need to upload the site zip files.

07. Now select the zip file right-click on it and chose extract.

08.Now u will see all the files will be display.

09.Open then wp-config.php file as editor mode.

10.Now the last and most important step of part 2 we are going to do is connecting our database. Remember we keep a note for the new database we create on this host and import the old database file into it now we goanna need it.
Now replace the DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD with your new db name which you saved on this hosting

Click save changes and you are done.

Go to the site and refresh you will see the site will work perfectly.
So that is all the process for manually transfer a WordPress site without any plugin. If you see any issue, please check back your wp-config. file sees the database name and password. In most of the cases, these people have issues with this method was the database connection. If you follow my process, u can easily fix that issue quickly.

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Thank you for reading the article. I have a request to you if u found this article id helpful please feel free to share it on your social media so people know about this method. Wish u the best of luck.

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